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"In the treacherous waters of the Caribbean, a determined young lieutenant in the British naval, fueled by vengeance for her twin brother's murder, sets sail to hunt down the infamous pirate Blackbeard. Challenging her superiors and risking everything, she leads her crew into the heart of darkness where myths and reality collide, facing off against the legendary pirate in a battle that will test her resolve and reveal the true extent of Blackbeard's supernatural powers."



"In the pilot episode of 'Moon Bound,' Luna, a born alpha wolf from and ancient line, flees her family and responsibilities and finds herself trapped in a deadly game where werewolves are hunted for sport. As she navigates this brutal world, Luna faces a pivotal choice: to reclaim her alpha status and lead her kind against their oppressors, or succumb to the hunt and perish alongside her fellow wolves. With her survival at stake, Luna must dig deep within herself to find the strength to fight back and forge a new path for her pack."

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"In a gripping feature-length film, Jeremy, a combat veteran grappling with severe PTSD, finds himself thrust into a harrowing battle for survival. Haunted by the death of his best friend, Jeremy discovers that the one responsible for his friend's demise now seeks to hunt him down. As he navigates a deadly game of cat and mouse, Jeremy must unravel cryptic puzzles that reveal the identities of his pursuers, including his former best friend's fiancée and their child. With every move, Jeremy fights not only for his own survival but also to uncover the truth behind his past and secure a future for himself and his newfound family."

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"In this hilarious sitcom-style short, Ren and her best friend Haley embark on a comedic journey when Haley tries to get Ren out of her apartment and onto a date. Despite Haley's best efforts, Ren refuses to budge. Determined to succeed, Haley concocts a wild scheme, filling the apartment with a parade of eccentric characters in an attempt to lure Ren out of her comfort zone. As chaos ensues, Ren finds herself reluctantly agreeing to go on a date with her mysterious blind date, leading to unexpected twists and side-splitting moments."

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